Upcycling football apparel.

Creating sustainable and head turning items from outdated or left-over football apparel.

Oranje 2020 tote bag

At FC88 we upcycle and rework football apparel.

Football apparel is made from polyester. Durable and strong. But most football apparel from football clubs and federations have a very short lifespan. We give outdated and left-over football apparel a new future. 

Upcycling in Europe

Sustainable upcycling in Europe.

FC88 creates its upcycled products in Europe. With an R&D studio in the Netherlands and a production studio in Portugal. All FC88 items are made with care for people, planet and environment. 

FC88 was founded in the beginning of 2021 by Nicole Bekkers and Matthijs Smit. After having worked in the professional sports industry for over 13 years, they wanted to create a sustainable and attractive solution for deadstock at football clubs, football federations and other sport organisations.

What can be used for upcycling?

An average football club or federations has more inventory ready for upcycling than they probably would know.


Worn by the teams 

Team Apparel

The teams wear jerseys, tracksuits, shorts and pants every day. This apparel is outdated when a new collection is launched. 

Sold by the fan stores

Fan Apparel

Fan stores and online webshops have challenges with return orders, misprinted jerseys and overstock from last seasons. 

Game Day Merchandise

Fan Merchandise

Merchandise specifically made for a certain game or event. Often with the dates on shirts, scarfs or other merchandise.

Benefits of upcycling


Most football clubs and federations aren’t aware of the amound of left-over stock there is within the club. Team apparel, retail or gameday merchandise. It all starts with insights into the stock you can’t use as apparel.


Sustainability is a hot topic within the football industry. But, most clubs find it difficult to make it a tangible topic with internal and external stakeholders. Old football apparel is perfect of all kinds of sustainable activation.

Merchandise & give-aways

Capture the emotional and monetary value of old football apparel by reworking it into new items for fans or stakeholders.

Made in Europe

Made from your old football apparel. Made in Europe. And made with care for the environment.

Did you know that in average 8 million pieces of football apparel are destroyed each year in European football? 

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