For clubs, federations and brands

At FC88, we have worked directly for football clubs, federations, their sponsors and their kit manufacturers. And we know how to navigate these relationships, together with club and federation.

Let us show a couple of cool collaborations we have done the last year.

Goals for clubs and federations

  • CSR impact
  • Merchandise revenu
  • Story telling
  • Fan engagement
  • Partnership activation

Goals for brands (sponsors and manufacturers)

  • CSR impact
  • Partnership activation
  • Corporate gifting
  • Stakeholder management

Over the last 3 years, FC88 has worked with football clubs, federations and brands that strive after different goals with upcycling. From a sustainable solution for deadstock to fan campaigns and corporate gifting. 

Upcycling can be (part of) the solution for a number of goals. In this day and age of environmental consiousness, more clubs and federations hate to destroy apparel. Their sponsors and kit manufacturers are propably actively working on CSR goals themselves. Football apparel, with all its emotional value, is a perfect way to showcase sustainability. While creating a positive impact and involving fans in sustainable campaigns. Because the goals for each clubs, federation or brand are different, we are your partner in upcycling. We navigate the world of stakeholders and come up with the most impactful way to reuse your apparel. 

We are your upcycling  team 

AS monaco collaboration

In collaboration with AS Monaco and Kappa France, we upcycled outdated home and away jerseys into a new, upcycled fan collection. From the jerseys, a selection of bucket hats and premium sport bags where made. 

Club Brugge collaboration

Club Brugge had hundreds of defected home jerseys after a logo transfer went wrong. Instead of throwing these jerseys out, we upcycled them into bum bags, laptop sleeves and toiletry bags. From the cut-offs new caps where made. Club Brugge launched the upcycled collection in the summer of 2023.

tottenham hotspur collaboration

For Earth Day 2023, FC88 created a bespoke Tottenham Hotspur upcycled collection. In collaboration with the club and Nike, FC88 also hosted upcycle workshop for THFC fans. The bespoke THFC upcycled collection not only showed bags and hats, but also limited apparel items like button-down blouses. The involvement of players from the first mens and womens team, maximized the impact of the event and collection.