We design unique and sustainable products from old sports wear

We believe that the true story of a football jersey doesn’t end after just one season.  Every year new jerseys and products are being launched. Creating a huge pile of ‘dead stock’. In most of the cases, the old sports apparel ends up on the landfill or in an incinerator. Products that is perfect for repurposing, because of its durability and emotional value to fans, partners, and the club. 

FC88 doesn’t sell the products. Through sustainable production of upcycled items made from old sports apparel, we want to contribute to the solution for the dead stock in sports. The club sells the products themselves. 

We know our way around the sports industry

Sustainability feels like a burden for many sport organisations. And it is a difficult and sensitive topic. But what if you can be sustainable and add value to your club’s brand at the same time? 

Because we have been around in the professional sports industry for over 12 years, we know your stakeholders and their interests. We know what is important when upcycling. We know how to engage with fans and sponsors to maximize the impact of sustainable products. 

Did you know….

That over 70% of all professional sports wear will be destroyed after use? Normally this will happen after just one year, when new jerseys are launched for the next season.

Get in touch

We work together with sport teams, football clubs and sport federations in upcycling their huge piles of dead stock. 

If you are interested in challeging us to create head turning products for you, let us know.