"We love football shirts. And instead of destroying them after just one football season, we create sustainable and head turning items from outdated or left-over football apparel."

— Nicole Bekkers, Founder FC88

The process of upcycling

It all starts with the inventory that is available for upcycling. Is it left-over shirts, defected jackets or shorts? Based on the preference of the club, FC88 proposes the best possible solution of the left-over apparel. In the cutting phase, all apparel is cutted by hand and stitched together to make the new and upcycled product. The last step is for the club to market the new item to fans.


Lookbook   SU2023

An overview of some of the products we make from shirts, tops, shorts and pants. Have a look and be inspired!


Number of upcycled football items


Number of club collaborations


Added years to outdated apparel

Upcycling apparel

Where we started out with football shirts, we can now upcycle shirts, tops, jackets, shorts, pants and all kinds of other apparel. Outdated because of a new kit for the teams, defected apparel or returned apparel from retail is all suitable for upcycling.

Love for fan and environment

The upcycled items are delivered to you, which you can use for fan focused merchandise or corporate gifting. Upcycling old apparel makes sustainability for everyone more tangible. 

Local production

Our studios are based across Europe, making sure we can upcycle apparel as close to the club or federation as possible. Our studios are based in Brighton (UK), Porto (Portugal) and Rotterdam (the Netherlands). All our products are handmade and unique. 

Value of upcycling

Upcycling is still a new phenomenon in the football apparel industry. Let us tell you a bit more about the value of upcycling

CSR value

When a shirt isn't destroyed but reworked and given a second life, we keep microplastics out of soil and carbon emissions out of the air.

Emotional value

The shirt of a football club is the most tangible and emotional valuable item a fan can have. Reusing these shirts, expands this emotional value and opens a new avenue of fan engagement.

Brand value

Imagine if you can expand the brand value of a football shirt from exposure during just 10 months of the season to an extra couple of years by upcycling it into a new product.

Sponsorship value

Can you see the additional sponsorship value there is for your kit sponsors, when the shirts, shorts and jackets with their names are used longer then just 10 months? And don't  forget the story telling opportunities.