About FC88

We are the upcycle partner of football clubs and federations. Together we create head turning and fan loving items from left-over football apparel and merchandise.


Years of additional lifespan to each jersey

A football jersey takes about 125 liters of fresh drinking water to make. With the raw material destracted from crude oil, these jerseys and other football apparel have a huge negative impact on the environment in the production process. On the other hand, these polyester items are durable and lightweight. Perfect for a long lifespan.

Unfortunatley, the lifespan of a football jersey in the professional football industry is only 9 to 12 months. And the amount of products that are made, always exceed the amount of products that are used during the lifetime of the collection. With huge piles of deadstock as a result.

 Most football clubs and federations are not aware of the problem their deadstock creates. Over 60% of all deadstock in football ends up on landfills or in incinerators. This is an estimated 20.000.000 items each year (!). While the football jerseys with the club logo and unique designs are more than just a piece of polyester, dye and sponsor logo’s. The jersey, and other apparel items, represent a chapter in the history of the club. And it’s the most tangible piece of the club a fan can own.

It’s with these insights in mind, that FC88 launched its first upcycled collection in 2021. Using misprinted jerseys for fan shops across Europe. Since its launch, FC88 created more than 30.000 new items from old football apparel. 

It is time to bring deadstock back into the homes of their biggest admirerers: the football fans. 

For a brand new future

Our Mission

We believe that the story of a football jersey doesn’t end afther just one season. We believe in second chances, a second life. That is why it’s our mission to revive outdated football jerseys and other apparel. We do this by translating the jerseys and its story into unique collections of products that football fans across the globe love. A collection with a history. And now with a new future. 

FC88. Home of upcycled football apparel. 

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Instead of spending money on storage of old football apparel, let’s create value for the club, fans and environment

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