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The home of upcycled football gear

And other sports apparel that deserves a second chance.

We want to create a circular apparel process in the sports industry


So many apparel items are perfect for upcycling. They are made from polyester and have a lot of brand and emotional value. By upcycling we create new and sustainable products from the useless or outdated stock of football clubs, cycling teams and racing teams. 


So what about the left over socks, shorts, bibs and other items? Well, we recycle them. Without using any water, dye or chemicals. Creating a fully sustainable new fibre: recycled polyester or recycled felt. Both fibres represent the club with its distinctive colour ways. 

Go green

We design sustainable and unique fan gear

We believe that the true story of a football jersey doesn’t end after just one season.  Every year new jerseys and products are being launched. Creating a huge pile of ‘dead stock’. In most of the cases, the old sports apparel ends up on the landfill or in an incinerator. Products that is perfect for repurposing, because of its durability and emotional value to fans, partners, and the club. 

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About us
Our ambition

Upcycle and recycle

Only upcycling sport jerseys would just be a drop in the ocean. The only way we can reduce waste, is by trying to recycle as much of apparel as we can. We invested a lot of time and effort in getting our recycling process right. So, we can upcycle jerseys and recycle all other apparel. Within our recycling process we can choose to make new felt material or woven material from the old apparel. Both very durable and strong fabrics.

For a brand new future

We create new and sustainable products with old sports gear. Creating a brand new future, lengthening the lifecyle of jerseys, jackets and hoodies. Ever thought that sustainability could look so cool? 

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As a Dutch football fan, the European championship title of 1988 is a big part of our football legacy. And not only the team created this impact. The jersey the team wore was at least as striking as the legendary players like Marco van Basten and Ruud Gullit.

That jersey inspired us. Because the love for a specific jersey goes far deeper than just a piece of polyester. The jersey represents a specific football memory, with friends, family and with the team.

We love the 1988 jersey and the Dutch team Oranje. We are as ambitious, stubborn and creative as the ’88 team. That is why we are FC88.

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About Us

We are a couple of football fans that really love football jerseys. Because that is where it all started. 

While working in the professional football industry, we encountered dead stock on a daily basis. Shelves full of perfectly fine jerseys and jackets. Our first attempt to create a bag out of a jersey wasn’t that succesfull…

Matthijs Smit (co-founder)

But after some try-outs and concepts bags, we knew we had a unique solution for sport organizations worldwide to be more sustainable and create brand value in the meanwhile. 

That is when we started FC88. Our whitelabel upcycle company that helps to reduce the piles of dead stock. Creating something new with something old. That’s it. That is what we do.

Nicole Bekkers (founder)

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