Often is ‘dead stock’ a burden for the organisation. With give-aways and charities, a part of the outdated collection will be reused. But what will happen with worn team gear, default shirts or unusual clothing sizes? At the moment deadstock is used for a numerous of things (non of them being so cool as upcycling)

The first step most clubs take, is to give the old apparel to charities linked to the club. 

Sold to wholesale
Secondly products is sold to companies outside of the home market. The biggest problem being the lack of brand protection, because clubs don’t know what happens with their product.

Landfills and incinerators
And last, and most damaging, is that the product eventually finds its way to landfills or incinerators. Without a second life for the products, it becomes useless and needs to be destroyed in order to create room for new collections. 

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Better together

We love a good collaboration where the club, sponsor and kit supplier are involved. Join the movement in sports to reduce the pile of deadstock ending up on landfills or incinerators. 

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How to start with upcycling

We know you might think that starting a collaboration for upcycling dead stock can be a huge task. But it isn’t that difficult and we will manage every step of the way. 


Way of working

We work as a whitelable company for your club, federation of organization. Because we have been working in the professional sports industry for over the last 12 years, we know how to unburden you. 

Starting by analysing the left-over stock in your storage rooms and ending with the finished product being deliverd at your doorstep. Easy, beautiful and sustainable. 

Because of our broad collection of products, we can normally use many of the items left. From jerseys to jackets and even the odd christmas sweater. Our team isn’t scared of a little challenge.

Opportunities with dead stock

Sustainability feels like a burden for many sport organisations. And it is a difficult and sensitive topic. But what if you can be sustainable and add value to your club’s brand at the same time?

With upcycling you can reach multiple goals in one. So, let’s start with see how big the dead stock issue at your organisation really is. 

1988 sport bag

“With our upcycled fan collection, we gave our shirt sponsor positive brand exposure and sold out the limited numbers of bags over night”