This is FC88. Home of upcycled football apparel.


At FC88 we rework and upcycle outdated football apparel into head turning items that football clubs, their fans and the environment love. Bringing football apparel back to where they belong: into the homes of football fans.

Instead of destroying football apparel, we upcycle it into new and sustainable items. 

Giving old football apparel a second life.

It all started with our huge passion for football and football jerseys. We couldn’t accept the thousands and thousands of football jerseys that were being destroyed each year. Just because a new jersey was launched. And while we started out with unique upcycled bags, our collection has grown into other accessories and fashion items. 

Decreasing the pile of deadstock

Left-over items of football apparel per football club

Professional football clubs in Europe

It is time to do something about the pile of deadstock. Upcycling adds value to stock that would normally be destroyed. 

How upcycling works.


Analysing the excisting deadstock is the first step in the process. Which items are left and still usable for reworking?


Based in the goals of the football club and available inventory, FC88 proposes the best collection of items. Gameday merchandise or B2B give-aways maybe?

Sampling (if necessary)

Requesting a tailor-made label on or inside the new item? Or want to try-out if your jersey design works on an upcycled item? Sampling starts from low MOQ. 

Production & delivery

Production is done in Europe and orders between 200 – 2.500 items are ready between 6 to 8 weeks. Including tailor-made labeling or hangtags, if requested.

What we do

Recent Collaborations.

Atalanta Bergamo collection

Stade Rennais collection

Bayern Munich gifts 

Toulouse FC collection

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